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I have 150 or so crates in Serato. They all have some columns I don’t use, and I’d like to remove those, add others, and rearrange the order of the columns. Maybe you are in a similar situation?

I wanted to find out if there is there a way to make the change once and have it propagate through all my crates, or if I must go crate by crate and make the same changes 150 times? After Google gave me no answers, I turned to Reddit, but no one knew how to do this. Having exhausted the conventional routes to knowledge, I emailed a contact I have at Serato. He’s in charge of creating their training videos, so he seemed like the perfect person to ask. He didn’t know a way, either, nor did the Serato colleague he put me in touch with. It seems there is no way to do this.

Or is there?

After plenty of trial and error, I came up with a method to accomplish this feat, that I can only describe as a “Serato Hack.” And so I will.

Here’s a Serato Hack for changing the column structure of all your crates at once:

1. In library settings, turn off “custom crate columns”

2. Adjust a playlist to your desired specifications. For me I only want to see song name, artist, and BPM, so I deleted all the other columns, and then dragged the remaining three columns into the order I want them.

3. Quit Serato — if you don’t, and turn custom crate columns back on now, all playlists will revert to whatever they were.

4. Run Serato

5. In library settings, turn on “custom crate columns”

Now all your crates should be identical, and they should still be how you set them. Yayz0rz!

Did this work for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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