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Pioneer leaked some details regarding their plans for the next few years. This is unofficial, and very early information, similar to when I broke the existence of the DJM S11 6 months before it was announced. Many of these units, especially the 2024 and 2025 releases, are still in the development stage, and details may change, but at the moment, this is what is allegedly in the works. Take this with a few grains of salt… it could be real, it could be fake, it could all change. That said, it’s interesting, and worth discussing.


Pioneer DDJ FLX2 – $159
[to replace the DDJ 200]
2 channel controller with no smart functions
Looks very similar to the DDJ 200

Pioneer DDJ FLX8 – $1249
[to replace the DDJ 800)
4 channels
Same smart functions as FLX6
Sleeker body
Metal faceplate
Updated 48kHz soundcard
HighDPI displays on jogwheels
Phono preamps updated
Replaceable input faders
Crossfader cut in
Start/stop time adjust knob


Pioneer DDJ FLX10 – $1899
[to replace the DDJ 1000)
4 channels
Smart funcions
Sleeker body
Metal faceplate
Updated 96 kHz soundcard
HighDPI display on jogwheels, more information displayed
Phono preamps updated
Replaceable high quality input faders
Crossfader cut in
Curve adjust knobs
Input fader cross switch
Start/stop time adjust knob
Color FX parameter knob
Link cue track preview
6 effects mixer
Rekordbox stems control

RMX 2000 – $899
Totally redesigned body
Support for Rekordbox


4 channels
Inherits all the body changes and features of the FLX10
Brighter display
Jogwheel mechanisms same as the CDJ 3000

XDJ-RX3 discontinued

XDJ RR discontinued

Unnamed standalone controller – $7000
Described as “2 CDJs 3000 and a DJM-900NXS2 fused together”
The main feature is the Infinity display, a big, touch-sensitive, sapphire display that goes from start to end points of the controller
Designed to keep pace with the trend of controllers replacing CDJs in clubs

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