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Stage fright– it’s the worst, right? You’re fine when you’re home alone, DJ’ing in your bedroom, but even the thought of standing in front of a crowd petrifies you. And when you actually get behind the decks, it’s 100 times worse. But what can you do? I can’t promise to cure you of your social […]

In 1999, when I first read Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton’s history of DJ’ing, I was, like many readers, enthralled by the club charts provided in the back of the book. They provided 11 song lists, each representative of a certain club or scene. My only complaint at […]

Heavy Hits is more than a record pool. You obviously know about our blog– you’re reading it right now– but do you know about our YouTube channel? It’s full of information and tutorials designed to help you become a better DJ or producer. Here’s a recap of what was shared on our YouTube channel this […]

Here’s a reminder that Heavy Hits Record Pool & Atlantic Records have partnered to create a DJ challenge for Burna Boy and his smash record “Last Last.” DJs from around the world are welcome to enter the “Last Last DJ Challenge” for a chance to win $1,000 and an annual subscription to the Heavy Hits […]

Unbelievably, we’re halfway through 2022. Even typing that year feels a bit surreal. We used to imagine partying like it was 1999, and vowing to meet up in the year 2000, when we’d be fully grown, and suddenly we’re 22 years beyond that? Inconceivable! Nonetheless, here we are. And while in many ways the hot […]

Heavy Hits Record Pool & Atlantic Records present a DJ challenge for Burna Boy and his smash record “Last Last.” DJs from around the world are welcome to enter the “Last Last DJ Challenge” for a chance to win $1000 and an annual subscription to Heavy Hits Record Pool. DJ Poizon Ivy and Burna Boy’s Tour DJ, Spaceship Billy along with […]

What do you do if you play new song that you love, but it clears the dance floor? Do you quickly mix into something familiar that you know will bring dancers back to the floor? Or, do you let it play, figuring the damage is already done? There isn’t much else you can do, right? […]

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