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One of the great things about the Heavy Hits community is that it understands that there are all sorts of DJs around the world, catering for all sorts of parties. And one of the most important parties anyone can ever DJ at is someone’s wedding – literally the most important day of the couple’s life! […]

Where does the time go? It’s already February 2020, and clubs are filling up again after the traditional January dip. But what were the smartest DJs in the game (the ones that know to get their tunes at Heavy Hits…) downloading to play? It’s time to round up the Heavy Hits Charts! First up – […]

With Super Bowl weekend upon us, I sat down for a chat with DJ TP, to ask him about how exactly a sports DJ goes about their job. Here’s what he had to say… Tell us a bit about your career to date I started out in the late 90s before my teens. At the […]

The NFL Super Bowl halftime show is one of the biggest entertainment moments of the year, right in the middle of one of the essential sporting dates in the calendar. The greatest musicians and performers in musical history have performed there, creating some truly memorable moments along the way. The half time show as we […]

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, so huge brands have their massive budgets twitching, ready to try and cash in on the incredible hype around the half-time show and one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. As a long-time Raider, I’m trying to work out how to ensure that both the […]

What’s up everyone? My name is Patrick and I go by DJ AndOne. I’m an editor and content manager here for Heavy Hits and recently felt the need to write about some solutions I’ve found in hopes that it could help some of you in the near future. Fair warning – this is not going […]

There’s a LOT of DJs out there, but few have done it as long, or do it as well, as the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff. And today, January 22nd, is his birthday, so here’s a little Heavy Hits blog tribute to the great man! Jeff is a great example to any DJ out there – […]

Serato has been a fixture of the DJ landscape for 2 decades, and they have marked this anniversary with a special documentary charting the birth and development of their revolutionary product. It’s a fascinating insight to how they created it, and the resistance and snobbery that early adopters like Jazzy Jeff ran into from vinyl […]

DJs have a strange relationship with technology. On one hand – without the technological innovations of pitch controls and direct drive turntables, would DJing have ever taken off in the way it did? It’s an artform entirely build around technology. On the other, any new tech today is generally greeted with a chorus of “THAT’S […]

We said it was that time of year because of NAMM, and here we go! Pioneer have unveiled a stunning looking new mixer, the DJM-V10 This looks like a serious unit, presumably aiming to become the installation mixer of choice for dance music clubs around the world, and with some fascinating features to cope with […]

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