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I’ll cut to the chase: I am not an EDM DJ. I know next to nothing about that scene, or that music. I am aware that what used to be called house music, or even simply electronic music, has now been subdivided into dozens, maybe hundreds, of categories, but I can’t tell progressive house from […]

An unheralded advantage to pulling tracks from a properly managed record pool is having access to quantized versions of classic dance tracks. If you mix only modern electronic or hip hop music, just about everything you play likely comes already quantized. It was made on a computer, and even if the producer opted to swing […]

DJing is largely a performance role. The vast majority of most DJs make their reputations from the gigs they do, and the performances they give to live audiences. But one crucial aspect of building a DJ reputation is to create mixes, and every so often a DJ drops a true classic, maybe catapulting them to […]

A few years ago, I read something that stuck with me. Emynd, badass DJ/producer out of Philadelphia, made a comment along the lines of how his job as a DJ was to provide the soundtrack for people to hook up to. I can’t remember if it was a specific event or genre he meant, or […]

For today’s post, we have a special guest column, generously shared with us by DJ Tech Reviews – be sure to bookmark that site for more of this sort of content! But without further ado… Serato DJ or RekordBox DJ – which is best in 2020?   Ah, the age-old question – Serato DJ or RekordBox […]

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