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So… whatcha doin’ for dinner? What’s that? Did I make reservations? No, I’m not asking you out, I’m asking what you as a DJ are doing if and when your audience is eating dinner. You’d better say “I’m DJ’ing!” Unfortunately, as I’ve recently learned, the answer from most DJs tends to be “I’m running a […]

Okay, maybe that title is hyperbole, and meant to parody clickbait, but the other day I was with a DJ who has been practicing turntablism for the past 6 years, and I noticed a flaw in his technique. I made a simple suggestion to him, and after making the adjustment told me that he was […]

Tax time is here! Are you deducting what you spend on being a DJ from your taxable income? If you ain’t you ought to be! Why give Uncle Sam, or your nation’s equivalent, any more of your money than you are required to give? Since we’re DJs and not accountants, maybe some people reading this […]

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been reviewing some of the questions I’m most commonly asked on Reddit and Twitch, and more than any other, the topic I’m always addressing is music organization. I know that subject matter has been addressed here previously, but that was before my time at Heavy Hits, and […]

Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is a day of the past. That means the Holiday Season is upon us! Or, as some say, cuffing season; to DJs it’s something more serious: engagement season! Is it the time spent indoors due to cold weather, the Christmas spirit, or the heart-shaped boxes of candy on Valentine’s […]

A staple for turntablists for years was the switch on the mixer that toggled between the phono input and the line input. Originally designed to allow a DJ to easily switch between two devices plugged into the same channel, and get double-duty from one channel on a mixer, the switch was quickly repurposed by scratch […]

I’ll cut to the chase: I am not an EDM DJ. I know next to nothing about that scene, or that music. I am aware that what used to be called house music, or even simply electronic music, has now been subdivided into dozens, maybe hundreds, of categories, but I can’t tell progressive house from […]

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