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DJ Tips

One of the great things about the Heavy Hits community is that it understands that there are all sorts of DJs around the world, catering for all sorts of parties. And one of the most important parties anyone can ever DJ at is someone’s wedding – literally the most important day of the couple’s life! […]

What’s up everyone? My name is Patrick and I go by DJ AndOne. I’m an editor and content manager here for Heavy Hits and recently felt the need to write about some solutions I’ve found in hopes that it could help some of you in the near future. Fair warning – this is not going […]

DJs have a strange relationship with technology. On one hand – without the technological innovations of pitch controls and direct drive turntables, would DJing have ever taken off in the way it did? It’s an artform entirely build around technology. On the other, any new tech today is generally greeted with a chorus of “THAT’S […]

One of the elements of DJing that is extremely important in order to stand out, but strangely under-used, is personalising your own scratch sentences. It’s never been simpler to do so – from TV & film dialogue, to acapellas, to even recording your own vocals, digital technology has made it really straightforward to make your […]

DJ Carlo Atendido shows you a few basic techniques and tricks to apply while performing in a nightlife setting.  His youtube channel is filled with helpful tips for beginner and advanced DJ’s.  Check out one of his videos below:  

There’s really no way around social media, especially being a DJ in 2019. In some situations, it can play a huge role in getting booked. With that being said,  not having a “following” on social media could really mess with you mentally, especially if you’re not getting booked. The video below breaks down social media […]

Default DJ settings suck. So in this video we’re gonna change 5 easy settings so you can start Dj’ing like a pro ASAP! DJ Carlo Atendido suggests to ALWAYS change these 5 DJ Settings (Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ) …..

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle as a DJ can be DIFFICULT. Here are five ways you can keep your sets fire while staying healthy.   Sleeping – Yes, this can be very difficult because as DJ’s, our hours vary. To be honest, some of us don’t have the luxury of a normal sleep schedule. Sleep […]

Earlier this week we wanted to know your favorite songs to spin at a wedding. The results are in, here’s what some of you guys said! djisaacjordan: “Come on Eileen is that secret weapon if they are into 80s ??” djrodneys: “Earth, Wind & Fire – “September.” Easy ?” radiovijay: “Get Low by the Ying […]

Summer is in full swing, and we’ve got a playlist for EVERY situation. Whats up y’all its Bangarang from the blog. To me, one of the dopest things about Heavy Hit’s is our exclusive playlists. Our team works really hard to provide specially curated playlists so you have the tools to keep the crowd wanting […]

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