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Can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you got started in music and DJing, and putting on your own events? I really got started in events just by virtue of having more records than most people, being a total music obsessive and working as a music journalist for Hip Hop Connection […]

It was my pleasure to get to ask today’s guest a few questions – Eve’s tour DJ, Gumball Rally resident, winner of Best DJ at the London Bar & Club Awards in 2017, and the man who Rihanna called “London’s hottest DJ” – high praise indeed! He’s played all over the world, alongside some of […]

Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself, your DJ history, and what you do today? I am a DJ based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Lancaster, Ca. Shout out to all my Antelope Valley/661 people!  Even before becoming a DJ I was a fan of hip hop music/culture. I started DJing in […]

With Super Bowl weekend upon us, I sat down for a chat with DJ TP, to ask him about how exactly a sports DJ goes about their job. Here’s what he had to say… Tell us a bit about your career to date I started out in the late 90s before my teens. At the […]

DJing is a lot of fun, but for many people it isn’t something they want to do full-time for their whole life – Dan Savidge is one such DJ, and here he tells us a little about how he created a business from his contacts made while DJing, and what he looks for in the […]

  There’s a lot of DJs around these days, but few that do it as well, or as uniquely, as DJ Yoda. A multi-award-winning hip-hop DJ and producer, he has constantly innovated his style, becoming a pioneer of Audio Visual DJ sets, a prolific mixtape creator (his Stranger Things mixtape has racked up over half […]

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