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Next up we have DJ HANDMAID representing the underground electronic music scene in Los Angeles. Handmaid has a unique style which blends all forms of electronic music to create high energy, genre blurring vibes that take crowds into a dancing frenzy. She’s a classically trained musician who graduated from Juilliard and when she performs has been known to incorporate live instruments into her sets as well as live vocals under the alias Veronika River. On top of everything she’s the Co-Founder of Apex Talent Group and the CEO of Visionbolt Records. On the 152nd episode of the HHP Handmaid takes us on an intense trip through some of the hottest techno and melodic house from the past year including tracks and remixes that every electronic music DJ needs to have in the crates. Check the skills of one of the fastest rising talents in EDM and add your favorites from the mix below:

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