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Take your crowd on a trip back in time to when alternative rock had stadiums singing at the top of their lungs featuring top tunes by Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay and many more. These are the songs that everyone knows and aren’t used to hearing in clubs so when you time it […]

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson has been a staple in the DJ crates ever since his absolute classic album “Get Rich or Die Trying” came out in 2003. His lyricism, flow, voice and the availability of his acapellas have made him a favorite for producers and editors all around the globe. The team dug deep […]

For those DJs who like to get extra creative with the transitions here are some handpicked exclusives that feature both acapella parts in the beginning and acapella parts and the end of the songs perfect for mashing, blending, scratching and cutting on the fly:

Scott Storch is back on top of the game with his new banger “Fuego Del Calor” featuring Ozuna and Tyga. After a long hiatus Scott has been public about his struggles with fame and addiction after being considered one of hip hop’s top hitmakers of the 2000s having worked with Beyonce, The Roots, 50 Cent, […]

Back before the music industry went digital top jocks like DJ Clue, DJ KaySlay, Kid Capri and DJ Enuff were pushing mixtapes by the 1000s and that era turned out some of the hardest hip hop tunes to date. We dug deep into the archives to select some of the top of the era:

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