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DJ James Jaxin coming back strong with another list of some of the best of the best from the golden age of hip hop featuring some of the greatest rappers to ever pick up the mic. Featuring classics by Public Enemy, Wu-Tang-Clan, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and many more:

Cumbia was first started by in the late 17th century in Colombia by the indigenous and slaves with many saying having roots from Africa. Since then cumbia has grown into one of the top latin genres in countries like Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, the USA and all around the Caribbean. Top Heavy Hits […]

Take a trip back to the early days of hip hop and check some of the pioneering women to rock the mic including MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill and many more as selected by one of Paris’ pioneering hip hop DJs: Dj Noise

90s Hip Hop is widely considered the golden era of hip hop when sampling reigned supreme. Isaac Jordan went digging deep to find some of his favorite tracks from that era and matched them with the original samples that were used to make them. These tracks can be invaluable to DJs mixing them together to […]

Our resident edit maestro EwONE! has been rocking crowds since the 90s so it only made sense to have him dig deep into his crates to uncover some of his favorite hip hop gems from the golden era of hip hop featuring some of the most iconic tunes from the 90s featuring The Beastie Boys, […]

Patrick Zurn takes us back to the 90s with a top notch collection of acapella edits perfect for live remixing and mashing featuring a some of the decades best pop, hip hop, dancehall and electronic jams ready to get into the mix:

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