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90s Hip Hop is widely considered the golden era of hip hop when sampling reigned supreme. Isaac Jordan went digging deep to find some of his favorite tracks from that era and matched them with the original samples that were used to make them. These tracks can be invaluable to DJs mixing them together to […]

Our resident edit maestro EwONE! has been rocking crowds since the 90s so it only made sense to have him dig deep into his crates to uncover some of his favorite hip hop gems from the golden era of hip hop featuring some of the most iconic tunes from the 90s featuring The Beastie Boys, […]

Patrick Zurn takes us back to the 90s with a top notch collection of acapella edits perfect for live remixing and mashing featuring a some of the decades best pop, hip hop, dancehall and electronic jams ready to get into the mix:

Set your next wedding dance floor on fire with these exclusive acapella edits of all time classics featuring top tier edits by Isaac Jordan, EwONE!, JEKEY, DJ AndOne, That French Dude, DJ Sadee, DJ OiO, Serg Sniper and DJ Noise:

Founded in 1985 Cold Chillin was one of the top hip hop labels from the 80s and 90s featuring some of the most iconic rappers that paved the way for hip hop including Biz Markie (RIP), Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and the list goes on. We called upon Paris’ DJ NOISE to hand […]

Taking back to the 90s when electronic music really started to pick up in the mainstream with a selection of essentials to transport the party back into time featuring Paul Johnson (RIP), Stardust, Ultra Nate and many more:

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