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All the airhorns and sirens you could ever want or need finely chopped and ready to plug into your sampler:

The classics reworked by the team exclusively for Heavy Hits and perfect for all your weddings, corporate events & private events featuring songs that will never get old, you won’t find these edits anywhere else:

Wordplay edits are those in which DJs and producers make a play on the words of a song to make them mean something else or to transition into another song with similar words. It’s a great technique for showcasing your skills, getting the crowds attention and they are especially relevant in competitions and in battles. […]

These specially made edits use the original samples that today’s hits were inspired by and normally feature the older ‘sampled’ song into a smooth transition to the new song. These edits are a great way to take the vibe back into the and then quickly back to the modern hits and can be very powerful […]

About 1.5 years ago Heavy Hits welcomed one of Philadelphia’s fastest rising young talents onto the team and Jay-L has not looked back since. He’s the man behind 1000s of Intros and Edits on the site and his catalog of exclusive DJ Tools, Edits, Bootlegs and Blends is growing by the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY-L!

Fresh exclusives you won’t find anywhere else featuring works by JEKEY, DJ AndOne, DJ Mighty, DJ Ronald, Isaac Jordan, Luzquinos, Transit, Serg Sniper, Defra, Sadee and Double A:

Short mixes that range from 12 to 19 minutes each for when you have to step away from the DJ booth. These clean, simple mini mixes are non-stop and drop free so you can feel confident to step away for a few in case of any type of emergency. They can also buy you some […]

Edits with extra hype to get the party extra hype featuring new works by Serg Sniper, AndOne, DJ Ronald, DJ Breezy, Schull3r, JEKEY, Skilset, Obscene, DJ Katch, EwOne!, DJ Mighty, Luzquinos and Sadee:

With transitions edits you can change the tempo of the dance floor without breaking up the vibe. They can be especially useful for open format DJs who need to change up genres throughout the night, check some of our newest transitions as selected by AND ONE:

Stock up on some exclusive Heavy Heat to rock any gig with these hand picked edits you won’t find anywhere else featuring edits from DJ AndOne, DJ Transit, DJ Sadee, JEKEY, EwOne!, DJ Ronald, Schull3r, Dexxus, Luzquinos, Double A, Isaac Jordan, DJ Mighty and DJ OiO.

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