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Deejay Massive who is one of the newest members of the team based out of Nigeria has wasted no time since joining us as our official African ambassador flooding the international section with plenty of edits spanning through Afrobeats, Amapiano and beyond, update the crates with some of his top hits:

Volume 29 with some of our favorite exclusives from the team featuring new music to turn the party upside down by Patrick Zurn, EwONE!, Isaac Jordan, Serg Sniper, JEKEY, DJ Noise, DJ Transit, DJ OiO, DJ Ronald and Celsito:

Stay up to date with the hottest exclusives on the site featuring new works by JEKEY, Patrick Zurn, DJ Transit, Isaac Jordan, Serg Sniper, DJ Chemics, Mike Fresh, DJ Ronald, Greg Lassierra, DJ OiO and DJ Noise:

Change the vibe of your set smoothly with these handcrafted tempo transitions featuring works by a worldwide cast of top tier producers including DJ Serom, Greg Lassiera, PeteDown, DJ Ronald, DJ Katch and more:

One of kind exclusives from our worldwide team that you won’t find anywhere else spanning through the genres of BassHouse, Alternative Rock, Afrobeats, TechHouse, LatinPop, Reggaeton and more:

Rock tracks aren’t always the easiest to mix into the set but have no fear as the team re-edited and quantized these classic guitar driven bangers to make them easy to beatmatch and get creative featuring works from Isaac Jordan, DJ Transit, Serg Sniper, Double A, AndOne and DJ Mighty:

Volume 2 of our favorite new playlist series: Hidden Gems where the team digs up some of their favorite secret weapons and top edits you may have missed along the way. Check our what the HeavyHits Youtube maestro has been rocking his crowds with featuring top edits by Schull3r, DJ Transit, Isaac Jordan, JEKEY and […]

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