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Disco classics redrumed, refixed, quantized and ready to mix perfect for specialty parties, corporate events, weddings and beyond as selected by Patrick Zern featuring some of the most iconic tracks in the genre’s history

Extra spooky exclusives to get you right for the Halloween parties featuring edits by Patrick Zurn, EwOne!, Serg Sniper, Precise, Mike Fresh, DJ Transit, DJ Ronald, Skilset and Luzquinos. Trick or Treat:

Keep up with the hottest tracks trending on the social media giant TikTok with one of the most popular DJs on the platform DJ PRECISE with his 10th installment of the series featuring Gunna, Taylor Swift, Aqua and many more:

Volume 30 with some of our favorite exclusives from the team featuring new music to turn the party upside down byEwONE!, Serg Sniper, JEKEY, DJ Noise, DJ Transit, DJ OiO, DJ Ronald, Isaac Jordan and more:

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