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One of the hardest things of the pandemic has been the difficulty of planning. Back in March 2020, nobody really knew how long we would have to close clubs and festivals and event spaces. In the summer, certain parts of the world started reopening, then the 2nd wave came through and much of that came […]

Well, its that time of year where we are normally getting ready for industry trade show NAMM, but of course, this year things are a bit different. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the actual in-person event has been cancelled – however, a virtual NAMM “Believe In Music” event is taking place, so there are still […]

New year’s are always a big chance to look forward to the fresh year ahead, to make plans, resolve to improve, all that stuff – but its also important to reflect on the year just gone, and as DJs it is a good idea to have a look back at the big tracks of the […]

Its that time of the year! Where we look back at the year just gone, make plans for the new year ahead – and where we commit to resolutions, to improve ourselves and our lives one way or another. Its a great opportunity to try to start good habits or end bad ones, so here’s […]

Well, we’ve nearly made it through 2020. That was… not great. We can only hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone! But I’m back here for our periodic examination of what is going on in the world of DJ tech – so let’s dive right in and see what’s new! Air DJing?! […]

Today we feature an in-depth interview with a stalwart of the dance music scene, Patrick Hagenaar! He’s had some career so far! First up, can you tell our readers a bit about how long you’ve been in the music industry, and how you first got involved, and what you do these days? In 1999, when […]

For today’s post, we have a special guest column, generously shared with us by DJ Tech Reviews – be sure to bookmark that site for more of this sort of content! But without further ado… Serato DJ or RekordBox DJ – which is best in 2020?   Ah, the age-old question – Serato DJ or RekordBox […]

The first instalment of this series is going to look at one of the most common types of DJ, the local resident. Its not as glamorous as some parts of the DJ world, but it can actually be a very useful corner to establish yourself in! It offers more job security than the average, less […]

On 10th November 2020, the world lost one of the best DJs ever to do it. DJ Spinbad (born Chris Sullivan) was a true legend of the scene – an incredibly skilled DJ, and creator of some of the best, most influential mixes ever recorded. He was 46. A fixture on New York radio for […]

2020 has been a year of dramatic changes to the way the DJ community works, and one of the big trends has been a shift towards a lot of livestreaming of sets. There are various platforms, but the one which has emerged as the most popular is Twitch. However, some DJs have warned for a […]

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