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Serato is the daddy of DJing software, and this is a BIG update! You may have been testing the 2.5 Beta over the last few months, especially if you have Phase (I have been doing so, and it has improved the performance of Phase dramatically). It hasn’t been perfect though – its a Beta version after […]

There’s a lot of different corners of the DJ world, whether in a basement club, a festival stage or a beach bar. But one of the biggest jobs any DJ can take on is to perform at a wedding – a lot of responsibility, and the possibility of helping a couple and their families have […]

We are only a quarter of the way into 2021, and already there are some FASCINATING new things bubbling up in the tech around the music and DJ business! And I’m back to give you your regular round-up of the most important and interesting highlights! Audacity 3.0 The ever-popular (and free!) Audacity audio editing software […]

Today we have an interview with a DJ that has definitely earned his stripes, and seen the DJ game change over the decades – we asked him a few questions to find out about his career, and his take on things! Take it away DJ Excel! Hi DJ Excel – can you quickly give our readers […]

DJing is largely a performance role. The vast majority of most DJs make their reputations from the gigs they do, and the performances they give to live audiences. But one crucial aspect of building a DJ reputation is to create mixes, and every so often a DJ drops a true classic, maybe catapulting them to […]

In the latest interview here on Heavy Hits we head to the Caribbean, to speak to Jamaica’s DJ Chemics! Could you tell the Heavy Hits readers a little bit about who you are, and what you do? I am Roland Stennett, stage name DJ Chemics. I am a DJ by night, I work in the […]

2020/21 has been a strange time for this industry. But while it has temporarily taken away the old way of doing business, it has opened up a bunch of new ones – some of which have advanced the artform in exciting ways! The 2021 Goldie Awards took place over the last couple of weeks, with […]

Things in DJ world are a little strange at the moment – with no real global club scene and no festivals at the moment, and big chunks of the world still in various levels of lockdown, things are just sort of ticking along in many corners. But there are still some very interesting things popping […]

A few years ago, I read something that stuck with me. Emynd, badass DJ/producer out of Philadelphia, made a comment along the lines of how his job as a DJ was to provide the soundtrack for people to hook up to. I can’t remember if it was a specific event or genre he meant, or […]

One of THE trends of the last year has been the explosion of DJs using Twitch, the livestreaming service. Largely used by gamers, DJs have adopted it as the next-best-thing while clubs are closed, and it has generated a whole new ecosystem. Recently, I watched Skratch Bastid tear it up on the Serato channel to […]

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