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Could you tell our readers a little about your journey from young battle DJ, to being Serato’s Artist Relations guy in London? I entered my first DJ battle in 2000 in Chichester when I was 15. I did it under a different DJ name and I was terrible. At that point I had only been […]

Time has become a very strange concept. Was it really a month ago that I wrote the last round-up? Feels like yesterday. But then, the January one feels like it was a lifetime ago. 2020 has been a very, very strange year. But, thats not what we are here to talk about today – we […]

One of the most difficult challenges in a situation as unusual as this is keeping your head together. I’ve had some challenging days and weeks in the last couple of months, and I know I’m not alone in that. DJs are in a particularly difficult set of circumstances at the moment, but there are ways […]

This has been a relatively slow time lately for tech news, for pretty obvious reasons, but there’s some pretty cool new bits of kit and tech to report on! Up first – Numark have launched a pair of budget controllers, the two-channel ProFX and the four-channel Platinum FX. Both feature 6-inch jog wheels, 2 FX […]

Logic has long been a serious studio favourite, but in recent years (since Apple took ownership) has seemed a little neglected, and seemed to slip behind rivals like Ableton, with few exciting new ideas, and some relics of an old world such as the horribly dated EXS24 sampler holding it back. But huge news this […]

With the enforced time out of venues, this time is a great opportunity for DJs to learn more about the culture and history we are a part of. I already posted about the multitude of online music documentaries about all aspects of music history. And there are a growing number of music-led podcasts, including some […]

Its time for our monthly round-up of the most popular tracks in the Heavy Hits pool, and this has been an unusual month, with the complete shift from live gigs to livestreams around the world. Up first… Electronic/Dance Major Lazer are one of the most versatile acts around – started off as a dancehall act, […]

Can you tell us a bit about your background, and how you got started in music and DJing, and putting on your own events? I really got started in events just by virtue of having more records than most people, being a total music obsessive and working as a music journalist for Hip Hop Connection […]

We DJs face an even more uncertain year than we are used to, and that’s working in an already unusually flaky industry! So, I thought I’d explore what transferable skills we might be able to bring to the table if we need to find a way to make ends meet in the time before clubs […]

There’s been a couple of recent updates to the world of DJ Tech which are worth covering in the blog. First up, a brand new version of Pioneer Rekordbox is out, version 6. It looks a lot better, with far improved waveforms, but beyond that, this does seem to be a genuinely major update, and […]

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