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Can you tell the readers a bit about yourself, your DJ history, and what you do today? I am a DJ based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Lancaster, Ca. Shout out to all my Antelope Valley/661 people!  Even before becoming a DJ I was a fan of hip hop music/culture. I started DJing in […]

Well – even my most recent DJ gig feels like an eternity ago. This has been a crazy, crazy year for this little spinning rock out in the Milky Way. I don’t know what I expected from 2020, but, well… not this *gestures at everything*. I feel like everyone needs to find ways to put […]

Everyone suddenly has a little bit more time on their hands than they expected to have, and it looks like we are going to have to get creative with passing that time. Well, thankfully we have streaming sites all over the internet, carrying all sorts of fantastic music documentaries – here’s a little summary of […]

All over the world, people are being asked to spend a lot more time at home, and we are all looking for ways to keep boredom at bay – well, Heavy Hits has your back, and for good measure you have the chance to win over $500 worth of prizes!  Heavy Hits brings you the #HHSTAYHOMECHALLENGE! […]

These are strange times. 6 months ago, the world was trundling along, much the same as it had for decades. Sure, there were problems, but nothing we hadn’t seen before. Fast forward to now, and we are facing an unprecedented global situation – a pandemic in a globalised world. We talked a bit last week […]

But don’t panic – apparently its business as usual at the biggest name in DJ technology! Japanese company Noritsu has taken on Pioneer DJ, spending $606m on the brand, and buying them from private equity firm KKR (who picked up Pioneer DJ in 2015). Noritsu is best known as a photo-printer manufacturer. A short statement […]

Its a well established fact that you can catch several horrible diseases from playing low-quality MP3s in your sets, which is why things like the Heavy Hits Pool are so important for DJs. But now there is a new risk for DJs, and looks like it is going to impact 2020 in some pretty unprecedented […]

Today we have a special treat – some expert guidance on how to get the best sonics at home, with Dave Clayton, aka Clayton the Chemist. This blog post is taken from his excellent website, be sure to bookmark that one! “You look like this mad scientist up there mixing records, like some crazy chemist.” […]

Well damn! February wasn’t even as short as normal this year, but it flew past! And here is our monthly round-up of the most popular songs over on the Heavy Hits Pool! Some great new stuff, some absolute classics in there, and as always some brilliant reworks by our editors! Electronic/Dance Esentrik’s dope laid-back remix […]

One of the realities of DJing, especially on big stages in front of large crowds, is performance anxiety. And one of the most common ways to cope with this is to use alcohol – something that can easily slip into abusing alcohol, which has led a lot of DJs (myself included) to completely quit in […]

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