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I’ve seen and read about many ways that DJs organize their music, and am convinced that my way is the best way. I’ve written about it once before, but after having been asked many times for more details, I’ve recorded a tutorial video to teach you how to do this. I use Apple Music to […]

Perhaps you have heard of Overturned Big Rig or Derailed Freight Train, but probably not. Both are stage names of a California DJ. He plays records, and mixes and scratches them. This sounds like every DJ out there, but once you listen I’m sure you’ll agree this California DJ is doing something… different. Very different. […]

How many times have you listened to a song, usually a hip hop song, and wondered what song or songs were sampled to create it? Or heard a song for the first time that sounded very familiar, despite having never heard it before, because it was built around another song that you just can’t place? […]

One of the questions I’m asked most often by other DJs, novices and veterans alike, is how do I mix vinyl records so seamlessly? In a time when most DJs learn using all the visual cues, and technical aids, found in software like Serato or Rekordbox, mixing using only one’s ears can be daunting. Today […]

We’ve talked before about choosing a controller. Now it’s time to talk speakers. Your sound system is an essential investment that directly impacts the quality of your performances. A good sound system can make all the difference in how your music is received by your audience, and can help you stand out in a crowded […]

Much has been said of late about ChatGPT and other forms of AI, and invariably, among DJs, when ChatGPT comes up, the conversation turns to the future. Will we one day be replaced by computers? Consider this article about Spotify’s latest feature: DJ. According to Spotify, they are putting an “AI DJ in your pocket.” […]

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