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When I was in high school, I saved money from my after school job until I had enough to afford every ’80s teenager’s dream: a hi-fi system. By the end of a summer, I had enough for a complete Pioneer home stereo system: a turntable, dual tape deck, receiver, and even one of those new […]

Okay, maybe the title of the article is a little click-baity, because obviously beat-matching is necessary. A DJ has to blend songs and the BPMs need to be lined up to do that. Except, what if maybe he doesn’t? So yeah, I stand by the title. Is Beat-matching necessary? My answer is that it’s a […]

Tax time is here! Are you deducting what you spend on being a DJ from your taxable income? If you ain’t you ought to be! Why give Uncle Sam, or your nation’s equivalent, any more of your money than you are required to give? Since we’re DJs and not accountants, maybe some people reading this […]

Heavy Hits is more than a record pool. You obviously know about our blog– you’re reading it right now– but do you know about our YouTube channel? It’s full of information and tutorials designed to help you become a better DJ or producer. Here’s a recap of what was shared on our YouTube channel this […]

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